Recruiting Employees: A Big Hassle!

Working on a project with less than needed developers. Whatever project it may be, having less people than needed is alwayss a hassle. You know what’s a bigger hassle? Recruiting qualified developers. The problem is far beyond finding qualified developers. Being a hiring manager for a business that really needs PHP developers, bear with me to understand my struggles. Firstly I can’t manage to attract the right candidates for my project. That issue aside, good PHP developers are often contacted by recruiters, making it harder to make them work for you.

Finding the right candidate at the right time for the right job is basically what every business desires. Well that’s rarely the optimal case. You’ll be short of one thing or another every time. Sometimes you’ll find a perfect candidate for a job that was needed a month ago. Sometimes you’ll have a vacant space but no good enough candidate to fill that position. Finally sometimes you’ll find a perfect candidate but you’ll no longer have a need for him. Finding everything optimally as a Hiring Manager is never possible. You’ll always fall short of one thing or another.

Moving on from my ranting. Well not quite yet. There are more issues you can think of. The more time a space remains vacant, the more loss it is for the company. In terms of money and time. The business faces a great deal of loss sometimes as almost all of its operations are stopped. Stopped by the mere fact that developers are not available to build a new project, or complete an already started project. This greatly hinders the business operations.

Firstly passive candidates are difficult to find. Once found passive candidates need to be persuaded to choose to work for you. As many recruiters are constantly persuading them, you’ll need to make them an offer they won’t deny. Well that’s the hard part. No offer seems to suit them. They always have demands greater than the budget allows. If they find out that you’re in urgent need of them, they leverage that. They demand higher prices than normal. That is again in turn harmful for the business as it falls out of the allotted budget.

People with high skills are always scarce. Specially PHP developers. They are always a vital resource for a growing company. PHP developers have a lot to offer. That’s why companies and business are always after them. They have very growing demand. Coming back to topic, this scarcity again becomes an issue for the team handling the project and the business itself. The team left with less people, takes more time to complete the project. Sometimes a project just can’t be completed without additional expertise. This hinders business operations and is especially bad for a growing company that has all its operations digitized.

You might be thinking that a Hiring Manger can simply use a data driven approach to hire the best developers. Well that too comes with its own problems. Firstly you’re short numbered with employees and to have to collect and process data can be a back breaker. Handling spreadsheets and compiling data accurately is just too much hassle. What one needs is a simpler process to hire people. Simple such as giving the job to an average recruiter?

You might be thinking that average recruiter are a big burden off your shoulders as they can easily do the job for you. Well don’t think again and let me tell you for a fact that it is not that simple. These average recruiter firstly don’t have a job description and as a result hire the wrong people. They don’t have enough expertise to judge someone on their skills. What happens next, they hire the wrong person. When you don’t have a job description how do you expect to hire a right person. A Hiring manager such as me is involved in the project itself. I know inside out all the requirements and exactly the person required with exact skills. That’s why using average recruiters for your hiring process is never a good idea. It may be a hassle but you’ll have to do the job yourself, to ensure good results for you and the business. You can argue to train hiring teams but that snot a good approach for a business that’s just starting to grow. That approach works in a long time process.

Yes by my tone you must have figured out how stressed out I am with my project. Let me start by telling you about a little background of why I am stressed regarding the project. I work as a Hiring Manager which has already been clarified many times, in a business that needs to recruit a number of qualified PHP developers. The project is based on Laravel and needs only specialized developers. The business is working on multiple systems, transport, distribution, CRM and ERP. The project is to get all the systems to efficiently communicate with each other, by re-writing their platforms. The business is using Magento in-house and is looking to migrate to Magento 2. How many people are working on the project? Well you’ll be surprised but only 3 other people.

Those rants and hassles are of a hiring manager. That’s the sole reason you need a consulting expert in your business to ensure smooth flow of operation specifically hiring individual candidates. That’s exactly what my expertise are. I specialize in full candidate market mapping. The methodology I work on is based on partnership between consulting and hiring manager. This has a 98% fill rate.

With that said you may have an idea of the urgency of PHP developers needed. I request you reading this if you’re a PHP developer or a Development Manager, contact me if you wish to work on the project. There are vacancies, but only for skilled professionals. That said it’s a great opportunity to broaden your horizons working in diverse places.

Contact me ASAP if you’re determined and ready to work! Waiting on your positive response!