PHP Trends Expected In 2020.

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In 2019, there were some major updates and changes in PHP web development. While some developers criticised these trends and saw them as crappy and mediocre, others found them interesting. However, as the New Year begins, PHP developers are already expecting some major changes that will affect how PHP frameworks work. Some of these trends expected to change the PHP landscape in 2020 include the following: 


  • Integration of IoT and PHP web development tools:

 The Internet of Things is a groundbreaking technology that is expected to change how PHP frameworks are used. In 2020, it is expected that PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symphony and others will be better adapted to IoT development in order to provide the best possible solution for so many businesses. With these two integrations, app developers can create new ways for users to explore the digital world like never before. 

  • PHP for Smart Chatbot

A chatbot is an AI tool that has gained increased popularity in the last few years. PHP on the other and is an open-source language that can help developers create the best chatbot for websites in less time. Deep learning chatbot built with PHP frameworks offers a high level of conversion experience that is not obtainable when talking to human or robot.  

  • Cloud Integration with PHP

Lots of businesses are already investing in building cloud-based infrastructures that are designed to provide a high level of security at a low cost. Due to this, so many business owners are using harnessing the benefits of PHP frameworks and cloud-based infrastructures to provide cost-effective, flexible and scalable web solutions to their customers. 

  • Building of Receptive Websites with PHP

The receptive web is one of the biggest PHP trend expected in 2020. A receptive web is a responsive website design that offers optimised web experience for the end-user. The major idea behind the principles of the receptive web is that space must not interfere with the user's behaviours. And that is why the receptive web caters to different types of users. It automatically enlarges and shrinks website on any device. 

  • Increase in Outsourcing of PHP Web Development

It is also expected that there will be a growth in the number of firms that outsource their PHP development services to experts. Already this trend has grown very high in the United States and European countries and other countries are expected to follow through. The major reasons for this are due to the low cost of outsourcing PHP services. 

  • AR and VR WordPress Sites

 One of the most interesting PHP trends to note in 2020 is the adoption of VR and AR in the creation of most WordPress sites. Already, a lot of e-commerce firms are leveraging on these technologies to enhance user experience. 


In all, PHP trends for 2020 are quite dynamic. These trends will helps PHP developers create responsive websites and stay ahead with new technologies. In addition, businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors and improve user experience in 2020 must embrace these new PHP trends and developments.