How can we make the process more effective?

Accounting Jobs

It’s no secret that some recruiters get a bad reputation every now and again! There seems to be a consensus that all we care about is money and that we use any dirty tactics possible to get it. Regardless of whether it’s a positive outcome for both the candidate or the company.

Agreed, there’s a dark side to most industries and that not everyone abides by best practice or moral code. I’m testing the waters here to stir some thoughts on what you believe would make the process more positive and efficient (in essence, the conversation that should happen before two parties agree to work together). Here are some opinions I’ve come across in my short time in the industry.

  • Why don’t they listen and read the job spec?
  • That candidate doesn’t have any of the experience a company is looking for, are you just sending this to hit KPI’s?
  • You charge far too much to do very little!
  • “So, if we don’t work together you’re just going take my staff?”
  • “Do you not get bored of ringing up so much, a PSL is a PSL.”

The list goes on, but you get the picture! One thing I’ve experienced is a lack of time given to share information on roles, ethos and companies. This, in turn, can create problems in the process. Now I understand people are busy, and we can’t expect the world to stop because we need a job spec, but would you be happy for a recruiter to supply you CV’s with a simple job description sent via email with no real in-depth information on what it is you’re looking for? Are you really working together at that point or just sharing information you can find on the job boards? It’s hard to believe that this back and forth can be called a “working relationship” and can be a method of filling pivotal roles inside of your businesses, so how can we change this? In all honesty, do you see your PSL as an added cost or a resource?  Here is a couple of idea’s we’ve chucked around the office today.

  • Spend more time on the initial call (we’re not all here to steal your staff and waste your time)
  • Face to face meetings and establish a feel for the office
  • Sharing market knowledge
  • Defining an honest process from the start
  • Paying what people are worth

If you’ve spent time to read this then feel free to post some idea’s on or examples of how you’ve created or would like to create a better working relationship with recruiters (unless its already perfect in that case stop reading now).

Let’s make the process more effective for all involved.