Is Full Stack Development F****d?

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Is Full Stack Development F****d?

Since I’m a pretty dedicated employee (I hope my director reads this) I spend the vast majority of my waking life speaking to .Net developers throughout the north-west, they have become my biggest source for content over any other. They provide me with more insight into the development lifestyle than anywhere else, and as such, I thought that there could be a blog or two in there.

A topic that has been highly debated recently is the demise of the full stack developer. One contractor that I spoke to recently has described the role as “dying out”. Initially, I was taken aback by this as the majority of what I recruit for is titled to be “full stack”. The recruiter in me was panicking that I’d be out of a job soon!

However, he explained that he thinks it’s going that way without anyone realising. He reckons that every full stack developer, whether it's conscious or subconscious, prefers one end of the stack, and that given the opportunity, they would naturally migrate to that area.

He told me: “There have always been developers who prefer the back end or front end.  For example, with more technological advances happening on the front end, some developers time and skills will evolve in that direction.  As such, they have less time for back end, and begin to lose touch with the back end.”

Essentially it looks like development might be becoming more compartmentalised and more segregated from other areas of the stack (there’s a Brexit metaphor in there somewhere).

All I'm saying is that development is inevitably becoming more complex, with more technologies, and more layers - adding more complication, and therefore the likelihood that a single developer can and will know enough about all those layers to truly call themselves a "full stack developer" is becoming less and less.  Perhaps "Multi-tier developer" or even a sliding scale of some sort?? 

I think you see where I'm coming from.

I would love to hear some thoughts on my ramblings and what the consequences might be to the demise of the full stack role If/When it gets to that point.

Perhaps you’ve seen it happen, perhaps you think you will be a “full stack” developer until the cows come home… Perhaps you think I’m just a recruiter and I should stay in my lane?

Whatever the case, let me know in the comments.

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